How to Order

Confused? Hmmmm...

Are you having trouble ordering online? Or, did you have a problem during your visit in Stickito's Website?

No problem. You can contact us on or you can follow the ordering procedure clearly outlined below:

STEP 1 (Buy Items) : After entering our website choose the product(s) you want! Simple, huh?

BUY the Album,
BUY the Display Box (do you want to know what happens when you buy a display box? CLICK HERE),
BUY just a Packet of 5 stickers, or... more if you want! There's no limit!
BUY Individual Stickers. you can order up to 20 stickers per order

STEP 2 (Go to Checkout) : Our one page checkout makes it easy for everyone to complete an order!

Choose weather you'll register with us to receive news and promotions of Stickito's collections, or simple use our guest Checkout Option
Fill in you Personal Details
Make sure details are correct, so that our delivery service will be able to find you. Remember, items that cannot find their destination are returned to our offices, your purchase will be cancelled and you will be charged a bit of extra money for shipping and handling! So... be extra careful! It's better spending on Stickers rather on a delivery error, huh? (Shipping costs include order preparation and packaging fees)
Choose you payment method...
Press PLACE YOUR ORDER button to complete the purchase!

YOU'RE DONE! As soon we receive your order we will dispatch it within the next 24 hours (not on weekends) with LBC Express and you'll have it the same or the next day!!!